Saturday, May 29, 2010

Puerto Rico - The Island of Enchantment

For Hannah's April spring break we headed to Puerto Rico.  Marcus has been there hundreds of times with the Air National Guard on specific missions.  Hannah and I had vacationed there years ago....probably six to be exact.  I'm so glad we went back!   We experienced life on the opposite side of the island from San Juan, on the Coast Guard base in Borenquen.  The Base is located in a fairly secluded area and right on "Survivors Beach", a nearly deserted beach.  It was paradise!

PR has over 300 miles of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, a large Tropical Rain forest, a Cave System millions of years old, and a Dry Forest filled with Cactus.
Puerto Rico is one of the top five destinations for shore diving the Caribbean/Atlantic region.  The ocean temperatures are 81ºF and underwater visibility averages from 60 to 75 feet near the beach. Offshore it is easily 100 feet or more! Literally a diver's paradise!

When I take vacations with my friends they are rarely trips of leisure...but Marcus planned this trip knowing full well, I need a break from my business and from my fast-paced Barcelona trip the month before!


Did you know the Pina Colada was supposedly invented in Puerto Rico?  I'll drink to that!

 A relaxing, and memorable trip....a time of peace and reflection with my peeps!

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