Thursday, June 19, 2014

AEP Conference

This week (June 19th-21st), Stage Hands Massage and Hands That Rock will be attending the third annual AEP Conference in Wilmington, Delaware! AEP's mission is, "To develop and expand relationships as well as more efficient programming across a wide spectrum of the entertainment buyers."  
At the conference, attendees will discuss the constantly evolving industry environment and offer insights, through exploring industry business trends, enjoying social networking time, and participating in educational sessions - all while discovering new performers and major artists!

About the AEP:
The Association of Entertainment Professionals (AEP)... Worldwide is a professional organization for buyer and sellers from all segments of the entertainment industry. Now under one banner, AEP affords you, the talent buyer a unique opportunity to experience and connect with a wide array of talent that has historically been limited to certain segments of the market.  It also provides an efficient gathering place for buyers, agents and information as advances in technology and communication continues to reshape the business at a dizzying pace.

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