Thursday, November 29, 2012

Consider Massage Therapy for health benefits and pain relief

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A qualified Massage Therapist can be found at wellness spas, beauty spas, chiropractic offices and fitness clubs, along with Massage Therapists who have their own practices. They have the knowledge of the human anatomy, kinesology and physiology. People can seek a good Massage Therapist for help with pain relief and stress. A good Massage Therapists offers skills in sports massage, relaxation massage and treatments for various conditions such as fibromyaliga, carpal tunnel syndrome and various other disorders.

Many don’t realize that some medical insurances cover massage therapy. You may just need to get a reference from your doctor or chiropractor. Massage is a great option for people who can’t get any relief from migraine headaches, sciatica and backaches. Once people discover the amazing benefits of touch they are able to rid the pain that has been keeping them home sick and be able to go on to lead productive lives. They just have to make sure to schedule time for their Massage Therapists.

Pregnant mothers are finding relief with prenatal massage, which some Massage Therapists specialize in. People are even getting results with treatments for intestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease and irritable bowl syndrome. People with work-related injuries get relief in neck pain, shoulder injuries and sports injuries. People are even benefiting from massage for emotional disorders such as depression and stress.

You can find Massage Therapists who offer their services through a mobile spa and will come to you. You then can enjoy a therapeutic massage in your own home.

Massage is not just a luxury like many people associate it with. It is a valuable treatment for many facing various painful disorders and seeking relief.

Author:  Marguerite Wright is a therpist for Stage Hands Massage Therapy & The Hands That Rock.  She  offers various treatments such as Swedish massages, Effleurage, Myofascial Release, Sinus Drainage and more.  Marguerite is an Independent Business Owner that offers a line of skin care products by Artristy®.

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